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SPR #<  Documents in the Release Notes associated with this SPR:
- Overview -Overview - New Features and Enhancements
-R5.0.3/R5.0.4/R5.0.5-Enhancement reporting - SPR fix list availability
AGRS45WNETReplacing or refreshing database design containing a frameset
AMCY435GU7Does not properly convert Western European codepage characters
AMCY464N3XDoes not migrate personal folders for non-ASCII names
ANEN49QJF4Problem composing forms in views with form formulas
APAI3YDQYEFixed: Same conflict message for different conflicts
APAI43VMZ7Copying and pasting resources
APAI44TRNLFixed: No warning of reservations when deleting Site Profiles
APAI459NAMCalendar and scheduling with Prefers MIME mail preference
APAI45DMZFCalendar and scheduling with Prefers MIME mail preference
APAI45FMXUGroup calendar does not display "pencil-in" calendar entries
APAI45FRP9Calendar and scheduling with Prefers MIME mail preference
APAI45H27BRemoving invitees before they respond
APAI45KSTWSetting free time schedule to span midnight
APAI45LTJ7Comments and Purpose fields in Reservation document
APAI45U2ZKOne entry displayed from group calendar for multiple entries
APAI45ULBUDouble-booking same holiday imported from different countries
APAI4N4TB7Using the Extended Mail template with DOLS
ASAO49T8ZTR5 ignores Local time zone and Daylight savings time fields
ASHH4583MSFree Time scheduling and Daylight Saving Time
ASHH494RCERecertifying certificate after adding alternate name
AWHN46ZN34Notes/Domino/Domino Designer R5.0a Fix List
AWHN4A8QWMDomino Web sites can remove Domino tags from HTML source
AWHN4M7B8UWhen browser prompts to "work offline," choose No
BAKH3Z9QW3R4.6 LDAP servers and R5 Domino Directory
BAKH43XKMWWeb Server Access option and LDAP 4.6x servers
BAKH4U5LKRSetting the correct default anonymous LDAP access
BCHL42ZDZ6Fixed: Messages with Thai characters do not display correctly
BDME42HMXPSave and Close button saves but doesn't close