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SPR #<  Documents in the Release Notes associated with this SPR:
BDME42HMXPSave and Close button saves but doesn't close
BHAS44WLSNWrong search result highlights on pasted HTML page
BHIR48RVXQFull-text search and searching a numeric field
BJON42B2KMCalendar printing issues
BKAN44SPX9Delay refreshing date/time fields
BLEE42Q5G7Message tracking issues
BLUU3JFLLFDatabase.getURLHeaderInfo is not implemented
CBRN3N9U6SBackend call Database.getSize returns negatives values
CBRN4772PSNotes/Domino/Domino Designer R5.0a Fix List
CGES4Q3KH2Internet password does not synchronize
CGOE4QGQ3KServer database's full text index not recognized by updater
CLYH4QVQ49Moving extended mail files from one server to another
CLYH4VYSZHWhen adding a TCPIP address to the NOTES.INI
CMAO44UN7FSPX port cannot be restarted on AIX
CMCY4E8QZTFixed Solaris domain search server Full-Text Indexing error
CMCY4QDNJWDomino Error running NSD on AIX
CN0F07Initialization failure during cc:Mail migration
CNIN46GKKQFixed: Server Monitoring not adding servers from new domain
CPRT3Z27SSWeb Administrator - known issues
CPRT48XCTVDomain Search Thai Title in search results display incorrectly
CRAO3V2JK6Environment variables in NOTES.INI
CREG463U2PShowing to do's on the calendar
CROU3RTSZNUnable to add X.509 certificate
CROU437RYBDefault validity period for certificates issued by a Domino CA
CSMH44WV2CUsing the Setup Ports tool
CSMH4HHJMWTroubleshooting tips for DOLS installations
CUMA45MTCYReschedule notice when chair adds additional invitee
CUMA45RU2WFixed: Refresh before rescheduling meeting or group "to do"
CWAG4HUB5UOutlook "Remove Recurrence" will not work for Notes invitees