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All release notes
'Use Outline' on Windows 2000
5.0.2 and later allow user registration on pre-R5 servers
A change to one Operating System Platform category
A change to one Operating System Platform category
Accessing Web pages via Notes' Welcome Page with IE 5.5
ACLEntry.isAdminReaderAuthor incorrectly returns false
Action Bar applet - known issues
Added support for the Japanese code pages 943 and 5039
Adding an administrator to a mail file access control list during migration
Adding R4.6x server in Notes domain with R5 hub server
Additional items on Domino CD-ROMs
Additional items on Notes and Domino Designer CD-ROMs
Additions to the platforms and requirements for MAPI
Addressing mail to Internet contacts
Administering SSL applications on a Mac client
Administrators: Don't use FTV_Max_Fields or FTV_Fields_database
Adminp fails to write public key during recertification/expiration
AdminP now supports updates to Private Design Elements
Admins must name a directory catalog in Notes.ini
AIX environment settings
AIX patch requirements
AIX platforms supported
AIX: subscriptions may not compact after sync
Alarm message text incomplete
Allocating resources for partitions
Allowing more fields in a database
Alternate Memo Editor - known issues
Anonymous access allowed refers to non-secure LDAP only
Anonymous/no access setting may produce ISpy error
Appearance Manager requirements for Notes on Macintosh