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SPR fix list availability

Please refer to one of the following sources for a list of SPR initiated enhancements in the Notes and Domino products.

Notes/Domino Fix Lists

In September 2000, we introduced the new R5 Web Fix List Application, which allows you to access all of the fix list entries for the 5.0.x codestream on Notes.Net via this new delivery mechanism. The Release 5.0.5 fix list is contained on this new site, along with previous R5.0x fix lists. You can access the R5 Web Fix List application on Notes.Net at For more detailed information regarding the R5 Web Fix List application, refer to the Release Note entitled "R5 Web Fix Lists on". (NOTE: Fix Lists after R5.0.3 are not posted in the Release Notes, as they are also available in the new R5 Web Fix List Application.)

Official Fix Lists of Software Problem Report (SPR) fixes and enhancements for releases previous to R5 are also available at the web site. The 4.x Fix Lists are available on the relevant Incremental Installer pages of the web site "Download" area. View the Fix Lists online at:

Refreshed Online Release Notes:
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