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Populating the To field for user certificate renewal requests

In previous releases of Notes, users often did not know how to address requests for certificate renewal. When a user's Notes certificate is due to expire, the user is prompted to request a new certificate from File -> Tools -> User ID -> Certificates -> Request Certificate. This option presents the user with a Mail Certificate Request, in which the subject field is completed but the To field is not. As a result, users have to go through the time-consuming and often frustrating process of determining the correct e-mail address to which to send the request.

Beginning in R5.0.9, Notes will use the following process to determine the mail address for the user's certifier. First, it extracts the certifier name from the user name. Notes then does a name lookup for that certifier. If it finds an entry, it will check the certifier's MailAddress field first, and then the LocalAdmin field, for an address or name to which to send the certificate request. If neither of those two are present, it looks for the person record in the Domino Directory and looks in the LocalAdmin group for any matches for that user. If none are present, then the field remains blank.

Note: If a user attempts to create a certificate request while in disconnected mode, the To field will remain blank, as Notes will be unable to do a name lookup on the server.

In order for the name lookup process to work, there needs to be a designated destination for certificate requests. It is strongly recommended that administrators should designate mail addresses, or mail-in databases, for handling certification requests. In addition, all certifier documents in the Domino Directory should be updated with that information.