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Lotus Web sites

The following Lotus Web sites are designed to help you locate the latest information on Domino and Notes and other Lotus products:

Lotus Development Corporation ( is the main Lotus Web site and contains general information on all Lotus products and services, including press releases, downloadable software, support, and purchasing information.

R5 Home ( is the Notes, Domino, and Domino Designer product home page on Use it to access product information, downloads, Domino "zones," and links to Notes and Domino sites both inside and outside Lotus. ( is the site brought to you by Iris Associates, the group that develops Notes and Domino. This site contains various Notes-related software downloads (including trial versions of Notes/Domino), a technical Webzine with articles for end-users, application developers and systems administrators; and an active discussion cafe with several discussion forums for exchanging ideas about Notes/Domino and sharing your thoughts with Iris.

R5 Web Fix Lists ( is a section on which will allow you to access all of the fix list entries for the 5.0.x codestream.

Business Partners ( is the central site for Lotus Business Partners, including development tips and techniques, innovative applications, developer discussions, and updates on the latest product releases. You can also use this Web site to find out information and request an application for the Lotus Business Partner program.

The Documentation Library -- Domino & Notes User Assistance ( provides Domino and Notes documentation databases and Adobe Acrobat PDF files that you can download, information on ordering additional documentation, product tips, and documentation feedback forms.

eSuite ( and eSuite DevSite ( contain information on eSuite DevPack, a set of Java-based applets that can be used to quickly and easily create more interactive and dynamic Domino applications. The DevPack includes the following applets: spreadsheet, word processor, presentation graphics, project scheduler, chart, SQL/JDBC, and CGI gateway; plus sample applications, utilities, and developer documentation.

Lotus Developer Network (LDN Collaboration Zone) ( is a web portal for developers of messaging and collaborative e-business applications.

Lotus Education ( provides education and training information on all Lotus products, including course descriptions, schedules, Lotus Authorized Education Center locations, and Lotus certification information. You can also purchase CBTs and documentation from The Education Store.

Lotus Internationalization and Multilingual Technologies ( is the site for information on Domino Global Workbench, a comprehensive set of advanced tools and software services to easily and interactively create, update, synchronize and manage Domino-based multilingual Web sites.

Lotus Support ( is the customer support site for all Lotus products, including common questions and solutions, user discussions, downloadable files, and Lotus support phone numbers. You can also use this Web site to search the Knowledge Base for technical information on Lotus products.

Notes MTA ( provides information on Lotus Notes Messaging Services, which lets Notes administrators set up mail routing from different mail systems. These Messaging Services include message transfer agents (MTAs), such as the SMTP/MIME, cc:Mail, and X.400 MTAs.